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February 5, 2010 February 6, 2010

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Snow storm outside. All of our activities have been cancelled so I decided to stay indoors and paint. I am starting on a watercolor based on the drawing I did in Irina’s Drawing for Painters class. I think you remember that I took Irina’s drawing class at the end of last year as well. We did a similar exercise. She set out props – a foot on a spring, a wooden candlestick and the mannequin. We picked a landscape and were to incorporate the artifacts in an imaginative way. I picked a photo of a swirling golden, light-filled cave carved by water. The photo was from National Geographic magazine.

Drawing Class Exercise

I incorporated the mannekin since the eroded stone walls reminded me of fabric. I sat the mannekin on the spring and the spring on the candlestick. This was the first of the drawing exercises that I actually tried to paint but at Irina’s encouragement I gave it a shot. It is not a great painting, it is not my favorite painting but it was one of those challenges that I accepted and I’m glad I did. It got me out of my routine, out of my box, stretched my boundaries. Had enough of my “Self Help Speak?” Anyway it was good for me. I had fun since I had no expectations. Here’s the result.

Painting from Exercise


2 Responses to “February 5, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    The movement in this is fascinating, Linda. This is called taking something and making it your own. I really like what you came up with, here.

  2. mobius faith Says:

    I like this one a lot. The impression for me is Dali dreaming Van Gogh. Nice work. Also I want to thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I’ve always envied people who can hold brush and pencil and create things of beauty. I’ve only got my digital manipulation. Again, really nice work. I’ll have to check in from time to time. Thanks.

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