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February 1, 2010 February 3, 2010

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Yesterday after I posted my abstract painting Leslie sent me a link to some videos of an artist named Jonas Gerard.  He paints to music, at times in public, almost like performance art.

Linda's Mastermess

I was blown away. I was energized. I was inspired to paint. Sooo to make a long story short…I created an abstract mastermess!

Now call me Pollyanna but I believe from all things come good. Because I knew that I might not create a successful painting I painted on Yupo and that gives me a chance to comment on this misunderstood stepchild of the painting world. What is Yupo – a sheet of plastic! Therefore if you create a mastermess and not a masterpiece you can just wash it off! Swish and away.

You can get some really unusual and nifty special effects. My photos are not great but here goes – In the lower left hand you will see a rose-colored “delta” effect. You can place colors close  and then touch to join them with your brush and you can get beautiful “deltas” when one color sucks in the other. Well OK! It was a drip!

Also in the middle of the picture you may see some rather florescent blue spots. These spots of paint are thicker and push the diluted paint away giving this effect. There are also several nice spots, even though my photography is so bad you can’t see them, where different pigments have mixed and because of granulation one pigment has formed coral-like fingers.

Finally all I can say about Yupo is that it is not a forgiving paper to work on but if you can give up control and just accept what happens it is great fun to work with and gives beautiful, unexpected results. Now off to the bathtub to give my Yupo a scrub!


3 Responses to “February 1, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I like your explosion of color, Linda! I enjoy working on Yupo once in awhile.

  2. Chris Carter Says:

    Great energy in this painting. I love the movement, the flow and the breath that can be felt between the strokes.

  3. Heather & Kim Says:

    Kim loves this painting. She see a bluebird flying over the ocean.

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