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January 29, 2010 January 29, 2010

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Wow! Has it been a rough few days… My memory card was totally shot so I have tried to recreate some of the things I wanted to show you. But first, being from Indy I wanted to share the following:

Follow this link to read about Max Anderson’s Super Bowl bet with the director of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Just “the boys” talking trash!

No rulers and the bottle really is asymmetrical!

Cylinders #2

I wanted to go ahead and post the drawings I did earlier this week. I don’t know if I will get a painting done this week or not but I may try to get the cylinders completed.

On Wednesday I spent several hours getting materials ready for a Watercolor 101 class that I was going to teach on Thursday morning. This is a concept that I am piloting for the Watercolor Society of Indiana. Many people have an interest in Watercolor painting but have never had the opportunity to give it a test drive without a big investment of time and $$.

Starting with the cool colors at the beginning of the demo

Our idea is to offer a 2-3 hour class at no charge so that interested adults can give painting a try. And we hope we give birth to a few new artists. I prepared predrawn works for each participant. Two drawings per page, all geometric shapes so they are easy to work with, one to be primarily cool colors and one warm colors.

Warm color demo about 50% cvomplete

They also get a palette with the three primary colors and a round and a flat brush. I talked with my 10 students for about 45 minutes and gave them a quick demo.  Then, drum roll please, they put paint to paper. In two hours most finished, most were happy with their work. Generally they all did very well and some created really lovely paintings. A friend who is also a painter helped me  so we could go from person to person and we could focus attention on folks that were getting really frustrated. Everyone went away happy that they took the class. Finished Winsor Triad PaintingWe did the class for the Association of International Women (we are also both members of AIW). Ladies from the US, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Iraq and Australia attended. It was amazing to see the cultural component of their paintings. The woman from Iraq does needlepoint and as she painted she could see her paintings transformed to wonderful needlepoint patterns. Her paintings were beautiful – full of turquoise and blue like the tiles used in mosques in the Middle East. The Japanese woman painted using misty pastels with small points of intense color. The woman from Australia filled her paintings with light and sun – yellows, oranges, golds and brilliant yellow-green.  The painting I’ve included here is one I finished after a class taught by Judi Betts. I am trying to retrieve some photos we took of the ladies and their finished works. It was a day well spent!!!!


2 Responses to “January 29, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Bravo Linda! I like teaching stories like this that end on a good note. Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time.

  2. Thank you Leslie! The class got complicated because, when I arrived to set-up the room had not been reserved for us. The AIW member who coordinates these “Class Act” sessions – if anyone wants more info on this let me know – has two large tables and a large centrally located island near her kitchen. She graciously opened up her home and the class went forward only 30 minutes late and with one member missing the information about the move. Just reinforces the power of being flexible, creative and generous!

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