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January 15, 2010 January 16, 2010

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Did you ever have a week when you feel like you have gotten nothing done and you don’t know why. I feel that way this morning. I have good intentions but … Oh well, I will keep putting one foot in front of the other!

Yesterday I found time to paint. I was energized  by the warmer weather and felt like tackling a challenge. Instead of working with the drawing of the oriental print I decided to use my “box” drawings to work on what I learned from the Quiller book on Color. My first attempt turned out DISMALLY! I decided to use a complementary color theme and I wanted to paint the large box realistically, which meant black. I chose alizarin crimson and viridian as my complements because I knew they make a nice blackish dark and you get some nice granulation. Oh my gosh but my painting looks gloomy!

Boxes using Complemenbtary Color Scheme

Here is what I think I learned: green and red are both mid-range values and they neutralize to gray. If I had chosen yellow and purple they would have been my lightest and darkest values (near center of interest) and would have been pure hues. I think this would have enriched the painting with more life and excitement. Additionally red and green are about evenly balanced so I did not have a clear dominant color – maybe gloomy gray.

Boxes using Winsor Triad

Boxes using Winsor Triad Color Scheme

When I finished this painting I was “grayed” out! I needed COLOR so I decided to try another painting using the Winsor Red, Blue and Yellow triad. I love to paint using these colors. They seem so pure and happy.  I also cropped the painting this time. I did not get a good range of values but I was happy with the exciting range of colors. I think I achieved the warm feeling I wanted. It has been very interesting to take a subject that is mundane and even boring and to try to make it interesting or exciting through my painting. The one area I did not think about much was composition. Maybe I will do more with that today. Or maybe not…


4 Responses to “January 15, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I don’t mind the gray study at all. I think you had a pre-set idea of what you wanted the outcome to be. Be careful because someone else may view these works and consider them valuable (a few years back there was a call for “things gray” and the artist was to render paintings where they had worked on pieces that were predominantly gray). Hang on to everything. I like the reflected light of the top box on the surface of the gray box and your values are nice.
    Your color piece is beautiful. Your colors are vibrant and I like your values. Thank-you for sharing your studies in color!

  2. David Tripp Says:

    Thank you, Linda, for looking at and commenting on my work. I’m glad I followed your link to look at your boxes. I like your first set of grays, but understand your sentiments. I recently completed three canvases and the request was for three complementary schemes. When I tried the red and green, I had a disaster, and had to adjust it closer to the blue-orange. I was never sure why mine failed (I’m not very shrewd yet with color), and I find your explanation engaging–perhaps I had the problem of both colors too near the center of the value scale. At any rate, I love your work, particularly the second set. It reminds me of a quote I encounter over 20 years ago–the paper is the atmosphere where the watercolor breathes–and yours certainly breathes. Good look with your next adventure.

  3. Thanks David. I’m about half complete with a small project and I hope to post first thing in the morning – unless the Colts lose and then I will be the one looking gray, gloomy and dismal!

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