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January 10, 2010 January 11, 2010

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Well the day is done and I completed my last”Quiller” triad exercise. ( I actually did two paintings just to experiment!) The exercise assigned a painting using the triad Thalo Green, Winsor Violet and Vermilion to paint an abstract using rectangles, triangles and curvilinear forms. We were to totally emphasize the values and color. I chose a cool feeling with Green dominant, Violet intermediate and Vermilion subordinate. I need to work more with vermilion. It is a new color for me and I am not confident using it yet. Well that’s the tell, now for the show.

Watercolor Exercise - Triad Color Structure #2

The next set of exercises are the last and they seem to be at a “higher” working level. We will see. I attend the docent book club at the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art) tomorrow. Our book this month is The Monument Men. Great book about the US and British soldiers that saved the art pillaged by the Nazis. This book was a major resource for the PBS documentary The Rape of Europa. I also have a continuing education class in the PM on linking art and music in the IMA collections. My day will be art-filled…I hope I have time to paint!


3 Responses to “January 10, 2010”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    I keep wanting to get in an abstract mode. I think abstracts are the most difficult for me. Nice study exercise, Linda.

  2. Thanks Leslie. I love doing abstracts using yupo paper. Just wetting the paper, dropping in color and allowing it to merge. I did a seven painting series in 2007 and 2008 using only primary colors that I loved. That said, the abstract in the exercise was hard for me, the paint doesn’t move well on paper and I would not typically choose this color combination. But I guess this is how we learn!

  3. I think the color combination is stunning – the primary red pops out as it deepens and defines the greens and purples. I found your site via Leslie’s site. I find working with watercolors very difficult indeed, but the idea of wetting the yupo paper and dropping the color on is intriguing to me.

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